Party with a science

We offer a unique 2-hour experience of bringing a mobile science lab to your house. Every party is unique and tailored to the needs and wishes of our customers. Kids will learn in a functional and active way from scientists and, we promise, it will be super fun!

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We are happy to organize birthday party for your kid! Contact us and we’ll get back with an idea and information!
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Or organize your own party!

We can provide experimental kits with detailed instruction how to DIY.
Experimental kits

Why is this importat?

Our kids are surrounded by popular culture and mass media, social networks, games and screens, busy family lives, consumer culture, stress and many other things.

And what about the information? Billions of pieces of information are just a click away but is every piece of information a proper one? Do the kids know how to interpret information?

We strongly believe that the key engine for a society is EDUCATION! We desperately need to improve the knowledge corpus. Society that has the knowledge to search for sources and interpret information cannot be manipulated and ill-informed.

Here is our proposal:

Let's encourage our kids to ask questions, search for answers and be ready for a lifelong learning process. Also, we are going to offer some new role models to them - people who create knowledge on a daily basis - SCIENTISTS!

But, in a fun way :)